(ablative) coming from:
1. Black Liquid
2. Ink
3. Blacking

Atramentis Games is a solitary endeavor by James Vail, who does the artwork, writing, game design, and layout design. James started in game design when he was a teenager, making mods and custom scenarios for video games. He started drawing at a young age, and after high school he went to California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) for Digital Multimedia and Traditional Painting. After a dismal period in his life, he went to New York to stay with a girl he had met online on a metal forum. He started working a retail job to get by, but his passion for creating never went away. Eventually he decided that the games he was designing to be played with his friends might have an audience around the world with similar tastes, so he started his journey into creating dark role-playing games. His then-partner Mina, who had invited him to New York, helped him through the management side of the business while he was busy at work. He has since quit his retail job and moved on to focus entirely on content creation in solitude. The dark themes in Atramentis Games are of a personal nature fighting against depression and death, and of its accompanying music and imagery.